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RFID-blocking products for protecting your personal data.

SkimStopper products are designed to protect your personal information by shielding RFID contactless cards and passports from the radio signals that enable them to be read from a distance.

Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy. Just store your card or passport in a suitable SkimStopper product, and your information is secure. Take it out (or in the case of the card holder simply squeeze the top) and your card works as normal.

  • Government approved. SkimStopper meets the FIPS-201 requirements for electromagnetically opaque sleeves. Many governments and police forces are now considering these kind of requirements for their identity and door-access cards.

  • Keeps you safe. Reports exposing security issues with several high profile applications of contactless (RFID) technology have resulted in politicians and anti-ID card groups calling for a recall of these items. The RFID-blocking technology in SkimStopper products provides a cost effective solution for these concerns.
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